The origin of the group dates back to 1965 when Väinö H. Broman founded a store selling motor cars and spare parts in Joensuu, Finland. Today Broman Group is a consolidated company that specializes in the sales of car and motorcycle spare parts and equipment, tools, boating and fishing equipment as well as domestic and leisure products. The company employs about 2,000 professionals and is one of the leaders in its business in Finland. It serves its clients through Motonet, AD VaraosaMaailma, Broman Logistics and Finntest.


Broman Group founded Broman Logistics to function as an importer for the group. We are an international company that specializes in the distribution, import, trade and warehousing of a wide range of products. The logistics centres are situated in Kerava and in Hyvinkää, both near Helsinki. The Kerava logistics center uses various automation solutions, which will be developed even more to meet the demand for fast deliveries to our customers. Both logistics centres are highly efficient: overnight shipments, including approx. 60 delivery addresses, are made daily to all Motonet and AD VaraosaMaailma stores and other independent AD wholesalers.


Broman Logistics delivers leading brands to the Finnish market. We believe in simple, open and direct relationships with international companies. Our subsidiary in the USA allows us to deal and buy locally while it also handles all shipping logistics.

Our success would not be possible without our strong partners and our brilliant concept. We are constantly looking for strong, reliable partners and aim for long term cooperations that are mutually beneficial. We have more than 500 suppliers all around the world.

We deliver American brands to the Finnish Market

We have strengthened our focus on the consumer and renewed our brand positioning. One of our strategic aims is to develop our product portfolios. We deliver the Finnish market to you without the usual international hassles. We believe in simple, open, direct relationships with American companies. Broman US is a US-based firm representing our interests. This allows us to deal and buy local while also handling all shipping logistics.

Satisfied customers are the best reference

The following is an excerpt from the list of notable companies with which we have been working in a trusting and successful partnership:

We are always seeking partnerships with strong companies

Is your product or brand ready to succeed in the Nordic market? Are you interested in a straight-forward way to test the European market? Do you have European distributors but would like to gain larger market share by dealing directly?

If you’re looking for the best and most efficient way to represent your company and brand in the Nordic market, Broman Group / Broman US is the right business partner. We work locally and insure the greatest distribution and marketing in the Nordic market. This is carried out without a need for unnecessary middlemen or additional distributors.


We are always seeking partnerships with strong, interested American companies. Please reach out to us to start a conversation today!

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General Manager
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